One of our main services is the full production. This includes Recording, Mixing & Mastering. In our Studio located near Berlin (GER) we’ll get your music to the next level. We’re taking care of YOUR wishes and reproduce an authentic sound for your band.


The best way for growing YOUR fanbase is your music. We help you to create an outstanding Sound that will  bring your band to the next level. Authentic and unique – Raw but Sexy!


With over 10 years of experience we know what we’re doing. Expect a crisp, wide an organic sound. Our analogue and digital equipment works perfectly for today’s requirements in music industry. We’re also specialized for mastering VINYL.



WE ❤️ IT TO, ...

Work with newcomers as well as already established artists. Over 10 Years of experience and after thousands of recorded hours, we know what we’re doing. Our passion for subcultur music like Punk, OI! and Ska developed in the late 90’s. Of course it’s not that Spirit of 69, but we still love the first records of our genre.


We’re a looking forward for a real authentic sound. No plastic at all. We combine finest analogue gear and the best digital solutions to get your sound alive.

Over the years, we build up a huge network of bands and independent labels in Europe. Even if we’re not working together, you can ask us for recommendations. Our recording studio is located in the heart of Europe: Berlin (GER) 


Last but not least, keep in mind that BONEHEAD – Bands or other NAZI – Shit are NOT welcome in our recording studio. 


We’re happy to create some nice new music with you! Get in touch with us.



    If you need more informations or want to book a session, write us below! We can't wait to hear from you. Or you can write us an E-Mail!

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